Ever thought of going continental?

What if your product fitted perfectly into the German market? 

What if it met French requirements – whatever they may be.

(We must admit: there are still people on the continent who do not speak or

understand English. It’s a shame. We know that. We are working hard on it.)

We think you should have the chance to sell your product in Germany and France.

Imagine: a German entrepreneur has been surfing the Net desperately looking for

a very special product or service. Luckily, he finds the right site,

loves the visuals - but doesn’t understand a single word –

and consequently with regret leaves the site - for good.

Can we help you prevent this scenario? Yes we can.

We are a small agency with a team of very experienced, competent, and language-

loving professional translators. Our core business is marketing, and during the

last 5 years we have completed an extensive number of marketing, editing and ad

adaptation jobs for brands such as Sony, MSN advertising and Hewlett Packard.

Lately we have been busy doing ‘copylations’ (a copywriting and translation mix)

and adapting English slogans and magazine adverts for the German market –

which could prove to be helpful when translating your website.

Aside from that we do a lot of editing and proofreading jobs on all kinds of subjects. 

By delivering our services directly we cut out the middlemen, meaning we can

offer both reasonable and attractive rates. These are fair and correct and depend on

your source text and the amount of time we have to invest in efficient research work.

For the translation of your website we can offer a package deal.

We are always at your service – well, nearly always. We’re sure you understand,

that our weekends and holidays (as well as a good night’s rest) mean as much to us

as they do to you. But the rest of the time we also work as hard as you do. Of course

in cases of emergency and where tight time frames are involved,

we are flexible when it comes to finding solutions.

Interested? We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Please contact us: office@texxting.com